1. product, guidelines, storytelling

    The Power of Storytelling in Product Management

    This article explores the power of storytelling in product management, highlighting its role in engaging stakeholders, communicating vision and strategy, as well as in persuasion and action.

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  2. product, experimentation, guidelines

    The Importance of Innovation in Product Management

    Explore the dynamic world of product management and discover why breaking the rules can lead to innovation and success. Learn how to foster adaptability, embrace experimentation, and leverage user research and data analytics to craft exceptional products that resonate with customers.

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  3. product, data

    Data usage in product management

    Learn about the role of data usage in product management and how it informs decision-making and drives product development. Discover the tools available to product managers to gather data, including customer feedback platforms, survey tools, analytics platforms, and market research tools. Find out how to use data to inform product decisions and the potential biases and limitations to be aware of. Take a data-driven approach to product management with these tips.

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  4. personal

    2020 is over

    What a year... That was shitstorm over shitstorm but let's be positive, there's some stuff that happened in my life that are good.

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  5. product, process, methodology

    Working remotely as a team

    Now that Covid-19 has forced a lot of people to work remotely, it's more than ever the time to be good at working with your team. Good practices and some examples of what we're doing on our team.

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  6. product

    What is the real MVP?

    When you've thought about the problem you want to solve, your solution is designed, your idea is validated, and your long term strategy is set. Now it's time to develop and launch your product, but what do you launch? | What features would you choose first? Here's a small story about MVP

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  7. product

    It is not about the solution

    Product Managers are not the owners of a solution, they're not finding solutions by themselves. Being a Product Manager is about managing problems. This is an article about digging in to your problems more than how to solve them.

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  8. personal

    A whole new world

    Launching a personal website in 2020 feels strange. Even worse when it's been 10 years and you don't have an online presence.

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